Assembly Instructions (Trestles)

Tools: Cordless screwdriver with Philips bit, 1/2″ socket with ratchet, hammer, glue.

Assembly of the Horse is quite easy for those with some experience with tools; a helper is recommended. I strongly suggest assembling the Horse without glue at least one time in order to practice.

On the use of glue: I recommend Elmers or Titebond carpenters glue; follow the manufacturers recommendations. Use enough glue to cover all mating surfaces but little enough to minimize squeeze-out.

Begin by unwrapping the two packages. Note that, except for the metal pipe, all joints are identified with a L(left) or R(right); like letters will remain together.

The wooden corner pieces have screws partly through their holes. Insert their tips into the holes in the legs with the same number. Fully seat these screws.

Separate the leg assemblies and, preferably with a helper, gently drop the wooden beam roughly into place, with L’s and R’s remaining together. Tighten the joints by hand, then insert and drive screws upward through the small corner pieces. This will “square” the joint between the legs and beam.

Find the barrel bolts in the legs near the corner pieces and lock them in the “up” position. Put the steel pipe into place through the holes in the legs and drop the barrel bolt into their holes in the pipe.

Screw the lag screws with washers through the legs into the sides of the beam. Screw them tightly enough to close any gaps but be careful to not strip the threads in the wood. Gently tap the wooden plugs into the small screw holes in the corner pieces until they are flush with the wood.

Allow the recommended time for the glue to set.