Small Props

Slanting Planks

Price: Set of 10 $250 plus shipping
These props are identical to those used at RIMYI.


Quarter Rounds
Quarter Rounds

Price: set of 10 (10″) $280 plus shipping, set of 10 (15″) $420 plus shipping


Construction Blocks
Construction Blocks

Price:  $125 plus shipping


The A
The “A”

Price: $120 plus shipping
This prop was replicated from the original used in RIMYI.


Mini Horse
(Small Trestle) Mini Horse

Price: $200 plus shipping
We are currently the only source for this prop.


IMG_0048 (1)
Heart Molding

Price: $60 per pair, includes shipping


Knee Wedges

Price: $60 per pair, includes shipping


Paschimottanasana Wedges

Price: $125 plus shipping