We assume that, if a person buys one of our props, the buyer is already well educated in its use. Please contact an IYNAUS certified teacher for instruction.

Arched: Viparita Dandasana Bench, Mini Backbender, Tondino

Benches: Narrow Setu Bandha Bench (15″ and Narrow), Pavana Muktasana Bench

Halasana Boxes 

Simhasana Box

Small Props: Slanting Planks, Quarter Rounds, The ‘A’, Construction Blocks, Small Trestle (Mini Horse), Knee Wedges,¬†Paschimottanasana Wedges, Heart Moldings

Stools: Uttanasana, Medium, Low Open

Stump Packages

Trestle (Horse)

Viparita Karani Box