All of the props are made of Red Alder (Alnus rubra), a species of hardwood native to the Northwest coastal region. Joints are glued and screwed with coated deck screws which are countersunk and covered with walnut plugs. We use two coats of a water-based polyurethane floor varnish that is non-toxic and very tough. Please note: this finish is for indoor use only. Nearly every piece of each prop is at least one full inch thick. This thickness of wood and the clean, simple design of these props assures many years of faithful service in the studio or home. And of course, all props are as nearly as possible faithful to the dimensions approved by Mr. Iyengar.

Q: Does the Trestle ship assembled or apart?
A: The Trestle ships in two packages, one long and one triangular. It comes with assembly instructions.

Q: I don’t see blocks on your site, do you make them?
A: No, but many other companies do. You can find very good blocks at www.toolsforyoga.comĀ  .

Q: How do you use that prop?
A: We are not teachers, we just make sawdust. For instruction, please contact an IYNAUS certified teacher.

Q: Do you ship to customers outside the United States?
A: Yes.